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Tonight council hears from taxpayers on New School Cost 05-23-2017
You won't find it on the council agenda for tonight, but Item 6 is a chance for comment on this new $100 Million high school. The city manager is guessing at 8 PM in council chambers taxpayers can voice their opinions. I personally think this school board will drive our property taxes through the roof and if given a chance to speak I intend to say so. Moral support would be great, we may get them to reconsider. We live next door to what I have heard is the most expensive elementary school in the state. A little sanity is in order. Hope to see you in council chambers tonight.
Posted By Jerry Scripture

Flowers for entry 05-17-2017
I have left over plants that could be used to replace the pansies unless someone objects. Thanks
Posted By Rocky

Save the date 05-09-2017
Hi All....as many of you know I enjoy celebrating my first day of "freedom" from school by having lunch with y'all at Cross Keys. This year I would love to do the same but have to push it back a bit as we are taking Camden to Disney World for his 5th birthday as soon as school as out. I was hoping that by putting the date early it would enable those of you who still work, like me, to make arrangements to take the afternoon off or for anyone else to keep their schedule open for an afternoon of lunch and socializing with your neighbors. I am looking at Friday June 16th. There is no need to RSVP at this point, but as we get closer I will send out another posting asking for a head count so I can make a reservation for us. Hope y'all can keep the date open!
Posted By Diane

Season's Bounty 05-09-2017
I just took a tour of Season' Bounty farm off of Rte. 42 North in Harrisonburg. It is quite an operation and they offer a csa. You can go to seasonsbountycsa@gmail.com to find more information about it. It sounds great. You can have a 1/2 share that would feed 1-2 people, or split that half share with your neighbor. They would harvest the vegetables on Wednesday morning to be picked up at the Friendly Food Co-op from 4:30 to 8:30 that afternoon and evening. The best selling point is that if you notify them about 48 hours before your pick-up that you don't want the pick-up, they will not fix a box for you and you will get credit at their farm stand at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. You can do this as many times as you need to. If you like veggies, take a look.
Posted By Karyl

Need Help with Your Computer? 04-24-2017
Ever find yourself in a fetal position after hours of trouble shooting your computer? Check out Mike's PC Repair. I've taken my computer to him many times and have total confidence in his skill. I don't think Mike makes house calls (paraplegic) but he lives about 10 minutes away here in the burg. Mike's PC Repair, 540-383-3042, 1831C Buttonwood Court
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Mowing 04-17-2017
I asked Scott to come Tuesday versus Wednesday, so if he shows it is my doing. This alternate week April thing seems limiting to me. I think we need once a week this year.
Posted By Jerry Scripture

Popsicles 04-08-2017
Bill loves Outshine fruit Popsicles except for the pineapple flavored ones. As we buy them at Costco because they are so much cheaper there, we have 2 1/2 boxes is pineapple Popsicles. If you would like to have them please let me know and I will get them to you. I hate to just throw them away!
Posted By Diane Bayer

Supper's Still Ready but ... 04-04-2017
A correction! Triple B Cafe is open Saturday and Sunday, 9-5
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Supper's Ready! 04-03-2017
Triple B Cafe at Heritage Oaks Golf Course is open again daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Monday - Saturday, 10-7, and Sunday 10-5. Everyone is welcome, whether you play golf or not. It's super convenient!!! See you there!
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Portal Issues 03-15-2017
I contacted the management company and told them the "roll out" of the new portal was sorely lacking. They are going to try to repackage the message and access and usage rules. My apologies They say they will try anew
Posted By Jerry

Trash again tomorrow early 03-14-2017
Unexpectedly John came by to pick up trash. I told him I had advised to the contrary. He will come by again tomorrow. He said about 730 740 AM
Posted By Jerry

Trash & Snow 03-13-2017
Given how this snow is coming in and leaving, I don't expect trash can be picked up tomorrow. I could not get a commitment about Tuesday pickup, if it looks all rosy I guess they will try. If not I hope they advise us. I asked them to do that and will pass on what they tell me
Posted By Jerry Scripture

Snow Party on Tuesday! 03-13-2017
Ed and I will fix a big pot of chili for a neighborhood snow party at our house Tuesday, March 14 beginning at 4 pm. Bring a dish to share and your drinks. Who's in and what will you bring?
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Heritage Oaks Golf Course Job Openings 03-13-2017
The pro shop is hiring shop attendants and cart staff as well as ground keepers. If you want a part-time job, you can't beat the commute! Includes free golf, range, and even lessons! A few of your neighbors work there too. Go to the following link for more info: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/harrisonburg
Posted By Mindy Morrison

New Neighbors on Their Way! 03-07-2017
Welcome, Mike Hinshaw and Cathy Sanders! They closed on the model home near the main entrance although they haven't moved in yet. Their email and phone information are now available in the Owner's Directory on this website. The new house on the northern end has not yet closed. On the corner north of the cemetery, groundbreaking is taking place for the Skellys, a retired couple from the Lake Anna area.
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Summer concerts at Orkney Springs 03-05-2017
Hi neighbors, I'm writing from sunny Arizona to spread the word that Arlo Guthrie and Emmylou Harris will be performing this summer at Orkney Springs. It's always fun to carpool to Orkney Springs, bring a picnic and enjoy a concert under the summer sky. I'm guessing these concerts will sell out quickly so if you're interested, just go to the link and order your tickets:musicfest.org. The tickets go on sale April 3 at noon. We've had a terrific winter, and look forward to seeing you all when we're back home in April.
Posted By Deb Mitchell

Free tickets 02-14-2017
Two tickets for men's game Thursday night. Parking pass also. JMU vs William and Mary. Not fair they have to play two teams at the same time. But I believe they play William in the first half then Mary in the second. Let me know today
Posted By EddieMo

Larry Miller Volunteers to Serve on Advisory Committee 02-13-2017
Larry Miller is the newest member of Heritage Estates Advisory Committee. He joins Susie Dinsmore, Amar Gogia, Larry Blade, and Vickie Westlake. Larry replaces Mindy Morrison. If you have a suggestion or concern for the committee, you may reach him at 574-238-3422 or ldmiller11@comcast.net
Posted By Mindy Duncan Morrison

Lunar Eclipse Tonight 02-11-2017
A big beautiful full moon AND a total lunar eclipse right outside your door tonite. Beginning at 5:34pm and ending at 9:53, 4 hours and 19 minutes of AHHHMAZING! Maximum coverage at 7:43. Perhaps enhanced by a glass of red wine?!
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Poker 01-16-2017
Who's up for poker? I hosted last one but will do again if need be. EddieMo
Posted By Ed Morrison

Tomorrow this may affect Heritage a great deal 01-10-2017
Below is the DAILY New Record article about MEETING 5PM tomorrow at Gilkerson City To Give Shared-Use Path Details ERIN FLYNN Daily News-Record PUBLICATION: Daily News-Record (Harrisonburg, VA) SECTION: Harrisonburg DATE: January 2, 2017 HARRISONBURG The details of an upcoming project will be unveiled to city residents next week. On Jan. 11, the Harrisonburg Public Works Department will host a meeting to give the public details of a shared-use path to be built on Garbers Church Road. During the meeting, which is scheduled for 5 to 7 p.m. at the Cecil F. Gilkerson Community Activities Center, 305 S. Dogwood Drive, attendees can learn more about the project. The shared-use path, which is expected to be completed by 2019, seeks to connect schools, parks and neighborhoods in the southwest part of the city. In the first phase, sidewalks are to be built along the east side of Garbers Church Road, according to the city's website. They will connect Bluestone Elementary School, which is slated to open this fall, and Park Lawn Drive. In addition, the shared-use path will be extended from the elementary school's south side to Erickson Avenue. In the second part of the project, Garbers Church Road will be aligned through Hillandale Park, the city's website says. Also, the Garbers Church Road shared-use path will be attached to another path that aims to connect Thomas Harrison Middle School and Westover Park. Connect Our Schools, organized by the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition, began campaigning for paths that would link Bluestone, THMS and Harrisonburg High School and the surrounding parks and neighborhoods in early 2016. "Bluestone Elementary was opening, so we looked to the [city's] bike and pedestrian plan, and looked at projects that had been in the plan for more than a decade," said Kyle Lawrence, president of the SVBC. "The key link was to encourage folks to ride or walk around the [Heritage Oaks] Golf Course." SVBC officials created an online petition and met with City Council, which appropriated $1.5 million for the project at its Nov. 29 meeting. The Virginia Department of Transportation matched the $1.5 million bond. Erin Yancey, public works planning manager, said the path will provide Bluestone students, faculty and staff an alternative to driving and allow them to be active. "It will give students an option of walking to school on a really nice, new facility," Yancey said. "It will be a really great recreational aspect for the community, as well." After looking over the plan, community members can ask questions and offer feedback that engineers from Richmond-based Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. will consider when designing the path. "It's important that the city hears input from folks about where the paths should go, and minimize the distances as much as possible because adding a half mile that's a big difference when you're talking about someone walking or biking to school," Lawrence said. "We want to make sure it serves recreation and transportation." The Harrisonburg Public Works Department plans to present an updated version of the project and host a public hearing as the path's details become more clear this upcoming spring or summer. Contact Erin Flynn at 574-6293
Posted By Jerry Scripture

Looks like only one or possibly two people can make it to a Game Night on January 21. Sorry but understand many had previous commitments. Will try again possibly in February. Stay warm everyone!!
Posted By Al & Joan

Dismantle decorations tomorrow 01-03-2017
This is just a reminder that we will be taking down the Christmas decorations tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. If you can be there, we would love the help! Also, Eva spoke with Jane Van Pelt and she has offered to store the tree and decorations in her basement! Since Jane doesn't have email, be sure to thank her when you see her!
Posted By Susie Dinsmore

Dismantle decorations tomorrow 01-03-2017
This is just a reminder that we will be taking down the Christmas decorations tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. If you can be there, we would love the help! Also, Eva spoke with Jane Van Pelt and she has offered to store the tree and decorations in her basement! Since Jane doesn't have email, be sure to thank her when you see her!
Posted By Susie Dinsmore

Canasta, Spoons, Apples to Apples, 5 Second Rule, Balderdash , Uno ....to name a few!! WHEN ? SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 2017 6:45 pm WHERE? Al & Joan Ford 1689 Bald Eagle Circle Bring a snack to share ..... Wine or beverage as desired. Feel free tp bring a favorite game! May the competition and fun begin ! ! RSVP ... this site, email or text. Thanks! 0:) joaniern777@aol.com / 302-287-0768
Posted By The Fords

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