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Oktoberfest Party 09-12-2017
Our neighborhood Oktoberfest party will be Friday, October 6 at 6 pm. Put it on your calendar! More info later
Posted By Ed and Mindy Morrison

Annual HOA Picnic/Meeting 09-07-2017
This is a reminder to the community that our annual Homeowners Picnic/Meeting will be held on Thursday, Sept. 21 at the pool. This will be a potluck. Owners are asked to be bring a dish (or two) to share. This can be a main entree, vegetable, salad, dessert, etc. The HOA will provide table service and drinks. Dinner will begin at 5:30 and the meeting will start at 6:30. Please reply and let us know if you are attending and what you plan to bring!
Posted By Susie Dinsmore

Emmy Lou Harris 08-31-2017
If you'd like to join us on the lawn at the concert Saturday night, let us know and we'll save room (and hope for no rain).
Posted By Deb

Golf Tournament and/or Dinner Nov 4th 08-19-2017
SAVE THE DATE for our 6th annual Heritage Estates Golf Tournament! The date this year is Saturday, Nov 4th, at 2:00 PM. A buffet dinner will follow at 5:00 PM at Triple B for anyone (golfers and non-golfers) in the neighborhood. More details to follow shortly.
Posted By Sue Hottel

Free Tomatoes 08-16-2017
Our tomato patch is going crazy. Come help yourself to free tomatoes on my patio under the deck, 1720 Sherry Lane.
Posted By Larry Miller

Coffee Tasting Tomorrow 08-07-2017
15 of us will sample and sip at the Bridgewater Coffee Tasting Tuesday, Aug 8 beginning at 9. Address 610 North Main - sign over the door says ESPRESSO. Remember - the cost is $7 plus optional tip.
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Ruth 08-04-2017
Has the kitten been found, is it safe?
Posted By Pam Snell

Lost kitten 08-03-2017
There was a very small calico kitten in our yard, one too small to be away from its mother. Does anyone have any insight?
Posted By Ruth and Steve Watson

Ensure 08-02-2017
Bill accidentally bought strawberry flavored Ensure. He misunderstood what the product was and as a result we have 15 unopened containers of Ensure taking up space in our refrigerator. If you would like them or know anyone who would, please let me know. I hate to just throw them away if someone can use them. Thanks!
Posted By Diane Bayer

Coffee Tasting Info 08-02-2017
The Coffee Tasting at Bridgewater Coffee is next Tuesday, Aug. 8, at 9am. Those attending include Randy and Deb, Martha, Donnie and Eva, Vickie, Lois and Phil, Tom Wright, Karyl and Gordo, Al and Joan Ford, and Mindy. We have room for 1 more. Please let me know ASAP if you'd like to join us. We will sample Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, and drip coffee made with freshly ground beans. Decaf is available. Bridgewater Coffee is located at 610 North Main Street in Bridgewater, about .2 mile south of the cemetery. You will see a sign that says ESPRESSO above the door. I can take 4 in my car if you'd like a ride.
Posted By Mindy Morrison

JMU's Lifelong Learning Institute new Fall Classes and Events 07-25-2017
Fall 2017 Course and Event information NOW available online! www.jmu.edu/outreach/programs/all/lli/index.shtml. For adults 50 years plus.
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Poker 07-25-2017
Poker at EddieMo's, Monday July 31. Cohosted by Mr. John Hall. Laughter and stimulating conversation guaranteed. Please respond if you can make it. See you at 7:00PM.
Posted By Ed Morrison

Coffee Tasting Invitation 07-24-2017
Wine tastings are great to taste different wines side by side. I wanted to do the same with coffees and Bridgewater Coffee Company agreed to set one up for us! On Tuesday, August 8 at 9am, Jenna will offer 4 coffees and explain the process and creation of each type. We will sample Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino, and Americano as well as drip coffee made from special beans. They also have pastries for purchase. The tasting is $7.00 with optional tipping for the 3 extra helpers on hand. Limited space for only 15 people so let me know soon if you are coming.
Posted By Mindy Morrison

HOA Committee Meeting on July 26 07-21-2017
Good morning, The HOA Advisory Committee will be meeting on Wednesday, July 26, at 6:30 p.m. at the APMS office. Topics for discussion include review of pool rules and issues concerning the pool; and setting a date for the annual homeowners picnic/meeting; and designating a chairperson. If any residents have concerns or a topic for the agenda, please email or contact any member of the committee: Larry Blade Susie Dinsmore Amar Gogia Larry Miller Vickie Westlake
Posted By Susie Dinsmore

Arlo Guthrie 07-15-2017
If you'd like to carpool or sit together on the lawn at the Arlo Guthrie concert this Friday evening, July 21, please be in touch.
Posted By Deb Mitchell

Impromptu Pool Party this Evening 07-11-2017
Come hang out at the pool! Ed and I will be there around 6:30. Come join us!
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Harrisonburg Citizen"s Academy 07-08-2017
How is your tax money used? Why are there so many traffic lights? When I flush the toilet, where does it all go? What are the future plans for our city? I highly recommend this excellent program to acquaint Hburg's citizens with its inner workings. In their words: The Harrisonburg Citizen Academy is a 12 week program comprised of one 2-hour session per week designated to teach residents about the City and the services it provides. Participants will hear from different departments on their daily operations in a hands-on learning environment. This program will be held on Thursday evenings from 6-8pm and runs from the end of August through the middle of November. Applications may be found at the following link and must be in by July 28th. https://www.harrisonburgva.gov/citizen-academy
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Skill Table Saw 07-04-2017
Skill table saw with cabinet, very little use, with accessory plates. $125.00
Posted By Larry Blade

Trash Wednesday this week 07-02-2017
Trash will be picked up Wednesday
Posted By Jerry Scripture

Trash pickup for Tue July 4 07-01-2017
Does anyone know what the pickup plan is for the holiday week is?
Posted By Joe Helsing

window washers contact info 06-27-2017
Several people had wanted the phone number of the guys that wash our windows. I've worked with them for years and they do a nice job. They do the whole house because of transportation, set up time, etc. (unfortunately not just the windows that are hard to reach). You can call or text Walter Ahles at (540) 810-6371.
Posted By Deb Mitchell

Welcome, Wrights! And what was that?! 06-22-2017
Welcome, Wilma and Tom Wright! They just moved into their new home across from the pool. Also, for all of our new neighbors, Heritage Oaks Golf Course has a lightning detection system to warn golfers and the nearby schools of nearby lightning strikes so they can take cover. You will hear one long blast from the horn and a strobe light on top of the Pro Shop will kick on. When the threat is over, the horn will emit 3 short blasts and the strobe will turn off.
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Bulk trash pick up reminder 06-22-2017
Tommy is hoping to gather your discarded treasures at about lunch time. Let me know if you need assistance. EddieMo
Posted By Ed Morrison

Bulk Trash Pickup 06-19-2017
Several of you have requested, so here we go! Tommy will have a bulk trash pickup on Thursday (6/22). So have your discarded treasures out for pickup. I'd be glad to help if you need assistance. EddieMo
Posted By Eddie Morrison

Lunch?? 06-01-2017
Ladies....let's celebrate the end of the school year and the start of summer with lunch on Friday June 16th at Cross Keys Vineyard. If you are able to join us please respond to this email prior to Tuesday June 13th and I will make a reservation for us at 12:30. Hope to see you there!
Posted By Diane Bayer

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